Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A New Look For Gmail

A video from Google's YouTube channel (update: the video is now confidential, but there's a looking glass here) ushers in a new Gmail interface. It's supported on the Preview subject that's now obtainable in Gmail, but there are more other changes: an achievement bar that benefits icons alternatively of text tags, a fully completed new interface for talks, profile photos adjacent acquaintances, a flexible layout that adapts to any window amount, show clearly density picks like in Google Docs, resizable chat/labels segments, new high-definition subjects and an renewed explore packing box that embraces superior options.

 I don't glimpse the new interface yet, but it will likely be accessible soon. It's intriguing that there's an projectile besides "Mail" and the connections to Google Contacts and Google Tasks are missing. Maybe you'll be adept to use the projectile to swap to other Google services.