Tuesday, 18 February 2014

How to Install 12c Cloud Control For Database/RAC

Oracle Enterprise Manager is Oracle’s integrated enterprise IT management product line, which provides the industry’s only complete, integrated and business-driven enterprise cloud management solution. Oracle Enterprise Manager creates business value from IT by leveraging the built-in management capabilities of the Oracle stack for traditional and cloud environments, allowing customers to achieve unprecedented efficiency gains while dramatically increasing service levels.

Friday, 14 February 2014

How to Upgrade VNX 5300 Block OE

Although your VNX system is customer installable, EMC recommends that the installation be
Performed by someone who has a general background in information technology. While prior
Training is not required; customers who successfully installed this product were trained as either:
EMC Proven Professionals
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists
Cisco Certified Network Associates

CompTIA A+ certified technicians

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How to Install ASMLIB and Packages Required For Using Oracle ASM

There are many ways to ASMLIB, it can be from get from OTN account or you can use ULN (Un breakable Linux Network).
Also it comes in the the Unbreakable Linux media, but if you are not subscribed to ULN and you are not using Unbreakable Linux then most people go to the OTN, where you have to select your Linux flavor and then navigate to the correct file according to the linux kernel and then download the 3 files one by one.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

How to Add ISCSI Storage Under Linux

Adding Iscsi Storage under Linux is always the problem for everyone, everyone try do this via different way and every time some thing goes wrong !! and in answer no storage showing in linux, it was always painful for everyone so my this writeup is for all those guys they want a simple steps for adding ISCSI storage under linux.So lets start with package 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

How To Check the Hardware Info Linux Vs Solaris

Mostly people think Linux and Solaris are same languages while similar in many respect there are still quite few differences between and Linux and Solaris Machine including commands, file system and heritage. This differences can be as simple as renamed configuration file to the more complicated alternate meaning of command line Ethernet.Mostly people face problem in getting hardware information in Solaris, in linux there is only a
prtdiag -v command 

Monday, 3 February 2014

How To Tell If Your Gmail Account Was Hacked

Gmail, A huge part Google mostly every one using there primary email as gmail (including me) and as there are so many hackers all around in this global village. And there is service left which is safe from malicious hackers who are constantly comes with terrifying new ways to steal to 

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Domain Name Giving Error without Using "www" as prefix

Some time it frustrate a lot when your your custom domain does not work properly and in result you a huge traffic lost on your blog.
With blogger blog one most common and frustrating issue is you see error when you try to open your domain without using "www" as prefix in your domain.
well now no more worries!! :)))
Here is the perfect solution of your problem.