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Android Phone On Your Desktop With This App.

The people who spend item of time in computing rather looking at their sympathise with Android Smartphone then here is the app Air Droid which can be employed to manipulate Android cell from a computer by WiFi. The astounding thing about this app is that it works entirely and is not hard to start and the roles are flawless. The interface is somewhat gratifying which imitate the total desktop launcher with whole movable icons, task bar and controls which sanctions us to perform anything.

Let Compare HTC Sensation Xe Vs Nokia N9

Everyone is get crazy to afford a touchscreen phone and people put themselves in dilemma to opt which phone from wide range of Smartphones. There are many phones available in the market from Blackberry to Symbain to Android, but Nokia is going head to head with Android and you might be confused which phone to clutch. You are in right place as we will let you come across the comparison between HTC’s Sensation Xe Vs Nokia N9. Both phones will cost you above $600 but negotiable.
htc sensation xe vs nokia n9

iOS 5.1 Beta is available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Apple has advertised the distribute of iOS 5.1 Beta 1 for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod contact 3G, iPod contact 4G, iPad 2 and iPad. This first beta variety of iOS 5.1 renders developers constricted Siri integration. The distribute jottings does not give any knowledge viewing the new aspects obtainable in iOS 5.1 Beta. Currently no knowledge obtainable about the new aspects Apple is arranging to usher in in the terminal variety of iOS 5.1. It is looked frontwards to that the terminal variety of iOS 5.1 will add more functionality to Siri voice accomplice feature. iOS 5.1 Beta 1 is obtainable only for recorded Apple developers. If you are signed-up in the Enterprise Program or iPhone Developer Standard then basically signin into Apple Developer Connection in rank to download this beta variety of iOS 5.1.

iOS 5.1 Beta 1
Recently German place Macerkopf has stated that Apple will distribute iOS 5.0.2 before the end of next week and iOS 5.1 in the next year. iOS 5.0.2 will mend storage battery life subjects of iPhone users and iOS 5.1 will add assorted aspects to Siri for instance the skills to empower or disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, arresting image or video. Macerkopf has accepted this knowledge from a programs technical operator of Apple. According to this Apple programs technical operator, iPhone users will be competent to savour 40 hours of standby time and 10 hours talktime after upgrading to iOS 5.0.2.
Click here to download iOS 5.1 Beta 1 from iOS Dev Center. If you like to download iOS 5.1 Beta 1 validly then you will want to have Apple Developer account. You can get Apple Developer account for $99 per year. Simply depart to Apple’s developer website to get Apple Developer account. It will give you entry to to beta versions of iOS. If you don’t have iOS developer account then you have to hold back for the terminal variety of iOS 5.1. It is looked frontwards to that the terminal variety of iOS 5.1 will be liberated in the next year.

Android Problem And its Solution

This robot does not know the cool green he got himself into.
Android is a successful platform? If we analyze commercially, yes: the Android platform is the leader in the world's largest market (USA) , there are predictions that within five years the platform snatches almost 50% of the market and it is thanks to her that the HTC has grown from a small company Smartphones to a monster with a market value greater than Finland's Nokia .
But different from what happens on PCs, where the monopoly of Windows and x86 processors make it a problematic launch (Windows Vista, for example) does not cause major damage (a mass migration of users, for example), in smartphones the market is different. If a platform does not satisfy the user, they end up going to another. See Symbian has dominated more than half the market today and, although still in first, seeing its market share  fall faster and faster.

Enjoy Taking Photoes From Without Touching It .

This is a really great trick. It seems obvious, but I never thought about it: You can use the volume up button on your headphones cable or Bluetooth headset to snap a picture with your iPhone.
It's pretty simple: just connect your headphone cable with volume control or pair your Bluetooth set, open the camera application and, presto, you will be able to take photos by clicking the + button remotely.
This is perfect for taking photos on trips without having to use a camera app with a timer. Just use a GorillaPod to position your iPhone and a Bluetooth headset as the clicker (which to me is the only use for these hideous devices now).

Apple's Jailbreak Of [IOS5] Using RedSnow


At the present time, the IOS5 jailbreak is tethered on all devices except the old bootrom iPhone 3GS, so make sure you understand what this means, and pay attention to Step 8 of the tutorial which is VERY IMPORTANT 

IOS5 Jailbreak Preparation.

In order to use the tethered redsn0w jailbreak for IOS5, you need to make sure you are starting with an iPhone which is already upgraded to IOS5.

Hidden Secrets in Apple's iOS 5.. Its Nice Really!

iOS 5 ushers in a affluence of new aspects that can be employed to assist population with visual, aural, and mobility impairments. You’ll find these picks on the Accessibility setting video screen under Settings -> General -> Accessibility. But Apple’s iOS 5 mobile running system still having small number surprises which are not advised to clients which we are uncovering inthis article. Developers and sleuthing hackers have been hard at work since Apple liberated the OS in October unearthing a number of obscured aspects and adjusting the OS to perform things it was not ever planed to do.

Here are 5 Hidden Apple’s iOS 5 surprises uncovered that may astonish you.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

iPhone 4S -Battery Problem And its Solution Is Here Now ..

Apple said Friday that it was still attempting to tenacity storage battery drainage subjects in the iPhone 4S, in spite of a patch released beforehand this week that was assumed to mend the obstacle, according to AllThingsD.
"The fresh iOS programs renew addressed more of the storage battery subjects that some paying clients qualified on their iOS 5 devices," Apple said in a assertion to the tech journal. "We carry on to examine a small number outstanding issues."
As PCMag reported beforehand on Friday, more iPhone 4S users have been bemoaned that the iOS

How To Enable Siri On Iphone 4S and 5

So you just get your radiating new iPhone 4S. Wait a minute, where’s Siri? By default Siri is not empowered on the iPhone 4S. To empower Siri functionality, leave from to Settings, General, Siri. Change the setting to for Siri to “On”
You may in augmentation like to turn on Location Based Services to empower GPS functionality with Siri.

Step By Step - Enabling OF Siri To iPhone 4/3GS, iPad [iOS 5 & iOS 5.0.1]

Siri has been ported to older iOS inventions, embracing iPhone 4 and 3GS by well famous hacker chpwn and stroughtonsmith.Since Siri was commenced along with iPhone 4S as an exclusive characteristic to Apple’s very prevailing smartphone, it has scarcely been away from the headlines. Developers have been fastening away to observe what the programs can rightly put on when unleashed, and if the resurgence thus far is any kind to leave from by, Siri will be chorus recitals while flipping for case for your wakeup sustenance playing in no time!

Step By Step Installtion Of Window 7 From a USB

This is a tutorial come seal how to install windows 7 from an usb drive. This tut becomes visible to be easy after equated to other posts in internet. I’m writing this in basic language.
1.Thumb convey having 4 GB of capacity.
2. Win 7 DVD

Step-1: Plug-in your USB flash convey and backup all the
existing knowledge in it.
Step-2: Open the manipulate prompt. If you are using
Windows 7/Vista afterward free-spoken it with head rights*.
* Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Right-click on
“Command Prompt” and decide “Run as Administrator”.
Step 3: In the manipulate prompt, breeding in the following
This will commence the Microsoft Disk Part utility.
Now subject the pursuing command:
This will demonstrate you a items of  available disks on your system.
Disk 0 is broadly articulating the hard disk. In my covering, Disk 5 is the USB
drive (this can be a dissimilar one in your case). Now subject the
command as shown below:
NOTE: In the above manipulate, 5 is the USB convey diagram on
my system. If you have a dissimilar diagram on your system,
then you deficiency to depose 5 with that number.
Step-4: Now subject the pursuing items of commands one by one
as shown below:
Minimize the manipulate prompt and play-act to the subsequent step.
Step 5: Insert the Windows 7/Vista installation disc and note
down the “drive letter” of your DVD drive. In my covering, it is
“H:”. Now breeding the pursuing items of commands as shown
BOOTSECT.EXE /NT60 M:(NOTE: M: is your USB convey letter)
Step-6: Copy the contents of your Windows 7/
Vista installation disk into the USB flash drive.
That’s it! Your USB stick is now primed to hit and install the
OS for you. Don’t forget to enable the “USB Boot” option and
change the “boot priority to USB implement from hard disk” in
your BIOS settings.

Problems which can be Occur in Switching Over to a Standby Database

 Below are some common problem arrives when we commit switch over the 
most common problems are as follows

Switchover Fails Because Redo Data Was Not Transmitted

If the switchover does not complete successfully, you can query the SEQUENCE# column in the V$ARCHIVED_LOG view to see if the last redo data transmitted from the original primary database was applied on the standby database. If the last redo data was not transmitted to the standby database, you can manually copy the archived redo log file containing the redo data from the original primary database to the old standby database and register it with the SQL ALTER DATABASE REGISTER LOGFILE file_specification statement. If you then start log apply services, the archived redo log file will be applied automatically. Query the

Handling Logical Standby Database Failures

An significant device for management ordered standby database flops is the  
DBMS_LOGSTDBY.SKIP_ERROR procedure. Depending on how significant a table is, 
you might desire to manage one of the following:
  • Ignore flops for a table or exact DDL
  • Associate a retained method with a filter so at runtime a conclusion can be                                        made about skipping the declaration, executing this declaration, or executing a                         replacement statement
Taking one of these activities stops SQL Apply from stopping. Later, you can query the DBA_LOGSTDBY_EVENTS outlook to find and correct any difficulties that exist.

Problem In LogFile DestinatioProblem In LogFile Reachability Oracle Databasen Oracle Database

If you stipulate REOPEN for an OPTIONAL location stayed at, it is probable for the Oracle database to reuse online redo log records even if there is an wrongdoing archiving to the location stayed at in question. If you stipulate REOPEN for a MANDATORY location stayed at, log transport services stall the main database when redo written knowledge not able to be productively transmitted.
The REOPEN assign is demanded when you use the MAX_FAILURE attribute

Oracle Problems : Troubleshooting Of Oracle Data Guard

First I will describe about some common problem regarding Dataguard which are as follows:

Common Problems:

If you encounter a problem when using a standby database, it is probably because of one of the following reasons:

  • Standby Archive Destination Is Not Defined Properly
  • Renaming Datafiles with the ALTER DATABASE Statement
  • Standby Database Does Not Receive Redo Data from the Primary Database
  • You Cannot Mount the Physical Standby Database

Standby Archive Destination Is Not Defined Properly

If the STANDBY_ARCHIVE_DEST initialization factor does not stipulate a applicable list of directions label on the standby database, the Oracle database will not be competent to ascertain the list of directions in which to warehouse the archived redo log files. Check the DESTINATION and ERROR posts in the V$ARCHIVE_DEST scenery by moving into the subsequent query and assure the location stayed at is valid:


Renaming Datafiles with the ALTER DATABASE Statement

You cannot rename the datafile on the standby site when the STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT initialization parameter is set to AUTO. When you set the STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT initialization parameter to AUTO, use of the following SQL statements is not allowed:

If you attempt to use any of these statements on the standby database, an error is returned. For example:
SQL> ALTER DATABASE RENAME FILE '/disk1/oracle/oradata/payroll/t_db2.log' to 'dummy';  

alter database rename file '/disk1/oracle/oradata/payroll/t_db2.log' to 'dummy' * ERROR at line 1: ORA-01511: error in renaming log/data files
ORA-01270: RENAME operation is not allowed if STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT is auto 

Standby Database Does Not Receive Redo Data from the Primary Database

If the standby place is not accepting redo written knowledge, query the V$ARCHIVE_DEST scenery and review for wrongdoing messages. For instance, move into the subsequent query:
  2> STATUS "DB_status",
  3> DESTINATION "Archive_dest",
  4> ERROR "Error"

ID DB_status Archive_dest                   Error   
-- --------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------------
 1  VALID    /vobs/oracle/work/arc_dest/arc                          
 2  ERROR    standby1                       ORA-16012: Archivelog standby database identifier mismatch  
 3  INACTIVE                            
 4  INACTIVE                    
 5  INACTIVE                                           
5  rows selected.

If the end wares of the query does not aid you, review the subsequent table of probable issues. If any of the subsequent circumstances survive, log transport services will bungle to spread redo written knowledge to the standby database:
  • The service label for the standby case is not configured in the right way in the tnsnames.ora record for the main database.
  • The Oracle Net service label individual by the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n factor for the main database is incorrect.
  • The LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_STATE_n factor for the standby database is not set to the worth ENABLE.
  • The listener.ora record has not been configured in the right way for the standby database.
  • The listener is not commenced at the standby site.
  • The standby case is not started.
  • You have adjoined a standby archiving location stayed at to the main SPFILE or text initialization factor record, but have not yet empowered the change.
  • You employed an invalid backup as the foundation for the standby database (for instance, you employed a backup from the erroneous database, or did not bring ahead the standby manipulate record employing the correct method).
 You Cannot Mount the Physical Standby Database

You not able to get on the standby database if the standby manipulate record was not brought ahead with the ALTER DATABASE CREATE [LOGICAL] STANDBY CONTROLFILE ... assertion or RMAN command. You not able to use the subsequent sorts of manipulate record backups:
  • An running system-created backup
  • A backup brought ahead employing an ALTER DATABASE assertion without the [PHYSICAL] STANDBY or LOGICAL STANDBY option
 My Next Post will be about Log File Destination Failure


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Checking Oracle processes in windows.

How to check Oracle processes in windows using command line?

Is there any command in Windows like ps command in Unix for Oracle DBA?

In unix there is command called “ps“. Using ps command Oracle DBA can check all type of processes which are running in system. Ps command is very useful to administrating and monitoring oracle in unix/linux systems for all Oracle DBA.

But unfortunately there is no command available in windows just like ps in unix! Means there is no way to find out running processes in windows system using command line! Only task manager option is available in windows system for Oracle DBA. Using task manager we can check running processes in windows system. Task manager is GUI tool. Sometimes it is very difficult to monitoring and administrating Oracle on windows systems for Oracle DBA using GUI tool.

Most frequently occuring problems in Oracle

What are the top ten problems most frequently occurring in the real world usage of Oracle databases?

The problems that I most frequently come across can be divided into two large categories: SPACE PROBLEMS and PERFORMANCE/MEMORY MAINTENANCE PROBLEMS.
In the space problems category, you will most likely find:
  • table reached its max extents
  • index reached its max extents
  • cannot extend tablespace because MAXSIZE reached or no space in drive
  • archiving error because ARCH process did not find space to copy the archived logs

Changing User's Default Schema In Oracle Database

Last week I got a query about modifying a user's default schema.

My co-worker is sustaining a normal database request for paid job which is configured to use the user/schema that was brought ahead for its database. Many queries were typed for this request for paid job that use that schema holder, but my co-worker would like to run those queries with his own account alternatively - either because he doesn't like to log in as schema holder, or can't.

To make the queries work for his account, he'd have to depart through every one and add the schema name. That's tedious! What he'd like to perform is change the default schema for his customer account. What are his options?

Best Practices

DECODE/CASE vs. Mapping Tables

I was aiding a co-worker freshly with some SQL. He had about a dozen SQL queries that all looked a thing like this:

(some stuff),
DECODE (status, 'A', 1, 'I', 0),
(more stuff)

I made a small number sightings about his DECODE statement:
1. Sometimes he employed DECODE and at times he employed CASE
2. Sometimes he would depiction ' ' to 0, and at times it would depart to the default worth of NULL, like in this example.

Decode vs Case
First, he requested me if he should use DECODE or CASE. I consider getting into debates about that with Doug Burns back in the days when I was more energetic in the community. Without getting into the total discussion over, let me just declare that between the two, CASE is ANSI-standard, newer, less difficult to uphold, can perform more things, and is broadly chatting the way to go.

That being said, there's no actual divergence between DECODE and CASE in this example. I'd just select one and be consistent.

Use Mapping Tables
My main idea was to analyze abolishing the DECODE and CASE altogether. Since numerous SQL queries were performing the matching thing, and mistakenly performing so inconsistently, I proposed returning it with a mapping table. Here's how:

1. Create a table with two posts, one of the matching sort as "status", the other as a number.

CREATE TABLE mapper (status VARCHAR2(1), val NUMBER(1));

2. Populate the table with all probable "status", and to which number you like it mapped.

INSERT INTO mapper (status, val) VALUES ('A', 1);
INSERT INTO mapper (status, val) VALUES ('I', 0);
INSERT INTO mapper (status, val) VALUES (' ', 0);

3. It's not perpetually probable to alter the primary table to make its position post a foreign key on this one (it might be fastened to a vendor request for paid job, as it is in this case), but if it is probable, it's worth considering.
4. In the SQL queries, add a unite relative standing on "status" to this new table you created

FROM table1 t1 JOIN mapper m USING (status)

5. Replace the DECODE/CASE assertion with the "number" post of this new table.

SELECT m.value

The Pros and Cons
The superiority are that it's very not hard, not hard to appreciate, and you recognise it's dependable through all your queries. Should you ever like to change the mapping, you can without difficulty renew that table, and recognise that all your queries have been updated.

Also, you can more without difficulty take superiority of indicators now (function-based indicators notwithstanding). That's not truly applicable in this instance, but it may be in other cases.

The penalty is having another join. But as Tom Kyte one time said "joins are not evil. Databases were born to join." There are sopposedly some instances (in Oracle 10, for example) where at times augmenting another table reasons for the optimizer to make truly horrid options, and it truly reduces tempo down your query, virtually as if you've bang a threshold. Chances are that you can address this worry either with patches or by chatting with your DBA about some of the optimizer settings. In general, you can dread the reaper, and don't dread joins.

Wrap Up

Using Oracle SQL Developer with MS SQL

Connecting to MS SQL

Not all the database requests for paid job we support are going to be Oracle-based, and the most admired of the choices is Sybase's enquiring kin MS-SQL. Fortunately there's no want to find another request for paid job for your MS-SQL cases, you can still use SQL Developer, and here's how.

Step 1. Get the JDBC Driver for MS SQL

If you don't now have one, download a JDBC operator for MS-SQL. I use the jTDS driver, which is open-source Java. It doesn't subject where you position it, but consider where.

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Shipping the Google in Google+

A small number weeks in the past Larry referred that we’d start vessels the Google part of Google+. The Android assemblythen launched Ice Cream Sandwich, with a purpose on enhanced dividing by Google+. And today we're turning over out two more Google+ aspects that mix with two more Google products: YouTube and Chrome.

It's no surprise that YouTube is loaded up with tons of many content (from encouraging dialogues to tunes videos to honey badgers). We desired to carry YouTube right away into Google+—as well as make it less difficult to watch and share your favorites—so we're starting a YouTube "slider" in the stream. Here’s how it works:
  • Mouse over the new YouTube icon at the apex right of Google+
  • It'll slither out and request, "What would you like to play"?
  • Enter no matter what you're in the condition for (like a subject or a tuneful artist)
We'll start playing a table of connected videos in a new pop-up window, and if you progress the pop-up another placement,you can still navigate your playlist from the slider:

From left to right: YouTube slider (closed), slider (open), pop-up playlist, slider (while playing)

Sharing YouTube videos with your disks in addition works (of course), but there's a good little twist: the population you share with can open a connected playlist right away from your post! Last but not slightest, we’re commencing to embrace YouTube playlists in Google+ explore results.

YouTube video in the stream (left), YouTube playlist in Google+ explore effects (right)

We're in addition turning over out two new Google+ Chrome extensions:
  • +1 button: +1 any webpage and share it with your circles
  • Notifications: review your Google+ notifications while you browse the web
Of course, if you don't use Chrome, then you can use Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. The new version—also turning over out today—includes these matching dividing and notification features.

Google+ Chrome extensions: +1 button (left), notifications (right)

We've got items more arranged for Google+, YouTube and Chrome (and all the other Google yield you now use). But weexpect you savour today's tiny savour of vessels the Google in Google+.

Unwrapping Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy Nexus

Beaming a video with a solitary tap or unlocking a invention with only a beam clatter like research fiction. Now, you can trulyperform these things (and more) with a handset that matches in the palm of your hand.

Wednesday early in Hong Kong—together with Samsung—we divulged Galaxy Nexus, the first handset created for thecurrent distribute of Android 4.0, in addition famous as Ice Cream Sandwich.

With a super small profile, Galaxy Nexus aspects a 4.65” Contour Display with accurate high explanation (720p)perseverance and a lightning-fast dual quintessence 1.2ghz processor aggregated with 4G LTE or HSPA+ technology. Galaxy Nexus in addition aspects the current in software: Ice Cream Sandwich makes Android not hard and gorgeous, and takes the smartphone to past smart. 

Beauty and simplicity
With Ice Cream Sandwich, our mission was to manufacture a portable OS that works on both handsets and tablets, and to make the power of Android enticing and intuitive. We brought ahead a new font that’s optimized for HD shows and abolishedall hardware buttons encouraging adaptable programs buttons. We in addition impressively enhanced the keyboard, made notifications more interactive and brought ahead resizable widgets. 

The desktop-class browser is notably speedier, staring a enhanced tab director and the skills to sync your bookmarks with Google Chrome. Ice Cream Sandwich in addition aspects the best portable Gmail understanding to day of the year, with a new create that allows you promptly swipe through your inbox and explore communications even when you’re offline. Calendar flaunts a clean new view and you can zoom into your plan with a pinch.

Connect and share
People are at the heart of Ice Cream Sandwich. We rethought how you browse your acquaintances with the new People app, which aggregates high-resolution images and amendments from Google+ and other public services. It’s in addition less difficult to ensnare and share your life with family and friends. Galaxy Nexus sports a high-end camera with none shutter lag,automated purpose, apex notch low-light recital and a not hard way to ensnare panoramic pictures. Shoot astoundingimages or 1080p video, and then edit and share them right away from your phone.

Beyond smart
Galaxy Nexus isn’t just a smartphone—it’s past smart. Ice Cream Sandwich renders you whole manipulate over theallotment of portable written knowledge you use by aiding you better appreciate and supervise it. We’re in addition ushering in Android Beam, which benefits close to paddock making acquaintance (NFC) to instantly share webpages, YouTube videos, depictions, main purpose and apps by basically tapping two handsets together. Face Unlock benefits state-of-the-art facial appreciation technical knowledge to unlock your handset with none more than a smile.

This weekend labels the third day of birth of the G1, the first-ever Android phone. Nine distributes afterwards, more than 550,000 Android inventions are started daily.

Starting in November, Galaxy Nexus will be obtainable in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. Check out the Nexus website for a wares expedition and more info.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

HIPAA is the United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. There are twosegments to the Act. HIPAA Title I negotiations with looking after fitness indemnity reporting for populationwho mislay or change jobs. HIPAA Title II embraces an administrative simplification segment whichnegotiations with the standardization of healthcare-related knowledge systems. In the knowledge technical knowledge businesses, this segment is what most population intend when they cite to HIPAA. HIPAA initiatesmandatory controls that demand considerable modifications to the way that fitness providers accomplishbusiness.
FAQ: What is the consequence of HIPAA on IT operations?
HIPAA looks for to initiate regulated methods for using electronics written knowledge interchange ( EDI ), security, and confidentiality of all healthcare-related data. The Act mandates: regulated formats for allenduring fitness, administrative, and fiscal data; sole identifiers (ID numbers) for each healthcare entity,embracing separate people, employers, fitness strategies and fitness care providers; and security methods toassure confidentiality and data integrity for any knowledge that acknowledges an individual.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a yardstick format for interchanging enterprise data. The yardstick is ANSI X12 and it was deduced by the Data Interchange Standards Association. ANSI X12 is either intimately coordinated with or is beingjoined with an global yardstick, EDIFACT.
An EDI communication encompasses a string of data elements, each of which exemplifies a singular item, for instance acharge, wares type number, and so ahead, split by delimiter. The every part of string is called a data segment. One or morewritten knowledge segments surrounded by a header and trailer configuration a transaction set, which is the EDI unit of transmission (equivalent to a message). A transaction set often contains of what would commonly be encompassed in anormal enterprise written material or form. The parties who exchange EDI transmissions are cited to as trading partners.
EDI communications can be encrypted. EDI is one configuration of e-commerce, which in addition includes e-mail and fax.

Health care giant builds public cloud on Oracle Enterprise Manager

Strict central government guidelines throughout enduring privacy, for instance the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), move out some Oracle fitness care outlets -- doctor’s bureaus and infirmaries,for instance -- wary  of putting patients’ medicinal files in a person else’s hands.
For the most part that hasn’t been a obstacle for Cerner Corp. The Kansas City, Mo.-based fitness care ITfinancial gathering, with virtually $2 billion in profits last year, has been throughout since 1979 and hosting customers’ aware medicinal files in its written knowledge collections for virtually 10 years. It is positioned in more than 9,000 services through the world. But yes, there are still those paying clients who like to warehousetheir patients’ written knowledge in Oracle databases on servers in their own written knowledge centers. And so Cerner assembled out a public cloud with implements for those outlets to supervise their own databases.
Skybox, as it is called, is assembled on Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) and bids implements to superviseCerner Millennium -- the company’s fitness care request for paid job -- on apex of Oracle databases in clients’ own written knowledge centers. Millennium aids fitness care administration perform things like written material how a enduring was looked after for, submit briefings and automate billing. Only a small numbermonths into goods produced, Skybox in addition gives cloud services connecting to portable messaging, storage organisation and security.
“I consider about 80 out of 100 of Cerner paying clients are running in our written knowledge centers,” said Tony Myers, major technical knowledge architect at Cerner. “They turn IT over to us and their hardware candepart away. But there are still 20% who manager it themselves.”
The Skybox organisation tool’s programs dwells in Cerner’s written knowledge centers. Meanwhile, its Millennium request for paid job and Oracle databases sit in clients’ own written knowledge centers.
Skybox benefits OEM 11g as its groundwork -- Cerner customized OEM to take superiority of aspects for instance user-defined metrics and auto-corrective actions. Myers said the objective is to minimize the time Cerner customers’ database overseers (DBA) spend supervising the environment.
Here’s how it works: A programs branch jogs on a Cerner client’s database. That branch can bind with Cerner’s Skybox programs, letting the DBA to entry to the Enterprise Manager console without it squatted on its own servers.
“We desired to manufacture and bring ahead enriched organisation and watching capabilities in OEM for Millennium,” Myers said. “We desired to be competent to bring ahead a highly tailored OEM implement for Millennium itself.”
Next up, Cerner is looking to redevelopment to Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, which Oracle advertised at its OpenWorld conference last month. Myers said he likes numerous aspects of the new variety but desires toassure that any redevelopment Cerner makes earns no downtime.
“We have brought ahead a dependency on Enterprise Manager, so anytime we have to take it down, it can behazardous for us,” Myers said. “We like zero-downtime maintenance.”

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

ASM basic configuration on local Disk

I am Creating ASM on Local Drive D because of unavailability of Network Drive.

ONE:Creating disk for ASM Instance, I am creating three disk of 1GB size.

D:\>mkdir asmdisk

D:\>asmtool -create d:\asmdisk\disk1 1024

D:\>asmtool -create d:\asmdisk\disk2 1024

Facebook MySQL DBA gives tips on server management

SAN FRANCISCO -- Facebook MySQL database technical operator Rob Wultsch has one main idea for supervising thousands of servers: retain it not hard, stupid.

KISS is a universal and admired acronym, and in the case of Facebook, Wultsch said it is key to being competent to promptly provision servers, lessen the solitary points of nonachievement and advance automation.

“Simple procedures are not hard to put back together,” he said. “Complex procedures are not.”
One of Wultsch’s principle tenets is that servers bungle, and there’s none every one can perform about it. So database and procedures overseers should balance that with simplicity. Have as small number hardware store retaining entities (SKUs) as probable, find running procedures and firmware that works and fasten with it as long as possible. Variety and upgrades are scary.

“It’s better if you have one SKU,” he said, “or possibly a very large packing box and a little packing box SKU. Then you can just return them, and appeal doesn’t have to be part of the equation.”
Wultsch said the MySQL database servers at Facebook are better directed with much smaller number solitary points of nonachievement than at his earlier job, at as a MySQL database overseer (DBA). As the server surroundings increases greater, establishing definite there is homogeneity at the hardware, running procedure, database and programs stages is key to supervising modifications, dealing backups and turning over back when necessary.

Wultsch granted some other ideas for dealing large database server environments:
  • Make definite there are tepid substitute servers. Have more of them, squatted in the rack, geared up to be used. “This moves back to the item that backups fail,” he said.
  • Be competent to promptly provision and reprovision hosts. “At my last job it took hours to put a new OS on a server. At my new job it’s easy: run one lead, depart to luncheon and by the time I get back it’s possibly done.”
  • Have external support. “It’s good to be competent to call out when things depart very wrong.”
Managing population in large MySQL database server environments is as valued as the practical classes, if not more so, Wultsch said.
First, burnout is “very real.”

“Being a DBA is long hours. It’s high-stress, even though it’s beautiful good pay,” he said. “So a item of population don’t like to perform it.”

Wultsch said that a DBA in large-scale environments ought be competent to program well in rank to suitably supervise thousands of servers. At Facebook, DBAs ought be competent to program in a “P language” for instance Perl or Python, have good Linux and Bash scripting talents and decent database knowledge.
As valued is being humble.

“We deal with too much to recognise any kind amazingly well,” he said. “We perform what we consider is right and at times we’re wrong.”

Wultsch adjoined that the ramp-up at a large-scale financial gathering is long. At Facebook, it is commonly six months before a new DBA can perform any kind practical and a full year to be entirely up to speed. He said it was the matching circumstances at

Finally, he said that faults eventuate, and it should be an organization’s objective to minimize them. That is wrapped up through guideline, by not calling up database authorities in the middle of the after dark every time a thing tiny moves awry.

“When population don’t snooze because they get called every time a watch blips, they are likely to make more mistakes,” he said.

Acing the DBA job interview: Getting back to basics

This is part one of a three-part lean over succession for the DBA job seeker. Click here to read part two, "DBA 102:Beyond the basics."
It may astonish you that DBAs, and most IT-related locations for that subject, are over in high demand, much like they were as long as the dot-com era. There is an horrifying scarcity of talent. This scarcity is due to more elements, embracing the retirement of the baby boomers and the resultant descent in educational school academic achievement in IT. The market is promptly spinning from an employer-friendly to an employee-friendly market. But let's not congratulate just yet.
While the market circumstances are surely reception journal for most DBAs, it should not be considered as a free voucher to a new, higher-paying job. Having advanced credentials does not intend that all you have to perform is submit your recommence and hold back for an offer. You still want to chase the minimal enterprise beliefs for alighting that next job. In other remarks, you have to get back to the basics and make it.
Back to the basics
Over my 20-year line of work connected to database support, I have leased and supervised well over 50 DBAs and have questioned or a least estimated the recommences of thousands of candidates. Believe me, when it draws close to the interview method, there isn't much that astonishments me anymore. However, I have discerned a small number movements that perform worry me. Instead of marketing themselves for a better line of work, IT folks today are deducing a sense of a right -- a "You want me more than I want you" mentality. The market circumstances have sanctioned DBAs to slide from self-confidence into downright arrogance. Let me be the first to caution you, this is an stance that will get you into trouble!
The intent of this portion is to re-evaluate the basics of the interview method and what I (and I am definite most leasing managers) will view for in a candidate. My expect is that this portion helps as a reminder to some that any kind worthwhile (including good jobs) ought be worked for.
With that said, let me complex on what I in person view for in a candidate.
The resume
Most line of work sites will declare that this is the most valued first appearance you can make. In the days when one could without difficulty look frontwards to to get hundreds of recommences for any bestowed location and have to tapered it down to a smattering of applicants, this may have in certainty been the case. But now, when an Oracle or SQL DBA posting may generate only a smattering of rightly certified recommences, the recommence surely not able to look frontwards to to retain as much burden as it one time did. However, it is still the first step to getting discerned and ought be taken seriously.
There are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of Web sites with free templates and tips for recommence writing. My not hard suggestions is to use them! With all of this free suggestions and aid out there, there is basically no pardon for a weakly typed resume. The recommence is the first appearance you will make of yourself, so make it a good one.
I view for a small number key constituents in the resume:
  • Cover message -- This is still an unquestionable must! Express why you are fascinated in the location and why you sense you would be a good fit. Back up the cover message with established items from your resume. Do not use a template that will fit just any job: make the cover message precise to the job you are questioning for. This may demand you to perform some homework.
  • Brevity -- While the days of one-page recommences are arguably over, the least thing you can perform is have a 10-page recommence detailing everything you did over the last 20 years. Instead, purpose on the trades in the past three years or the trades that are most pertinent to the location you are applying for. Make definite you sum up in the first half of the first page. If you don't ensnare a recruiter's onvolvement straight away, often remnant of the recommence is pointless and sadly will not be read.
  • Readability -- Never submit a recommence in basic, unformatted text if not you are instructed to perform so. Use MS Word (it is the development standard) and better yet, embrace an HTML or .pdf variety to be safe. Do not get too flamboyant with the font. To be secure, use 10-point or higher Arial or Roman fonts. The foundation line is: If I not able to read it, I perform not read
  • it! Neither will a recruiter.
  • Accuracy -- Spelling and language are very valued and faults are just downright inexcusable. Remember, DBAs are looked frontwards to to be professionals and as such ought be competent to convey in writing. Do not trust curse checkers only as these can omit some misplaced, yet in the right way spelled, remarks and grammar. To be secure, have a small number population that you hope proofread your recommence for you. An surplus set of eyes can often ensnare faults that you may overlook.
Scheduling and handset screens
It is unexpected to me how more population today are not very flexible when it draws close to modifying their private plans to accommodate an interview. What communication are you conveying when an interviewer bids to give up his or her private time and you turn down to interview because you have an aerobics workout on that day? The communication you are conveying is that your private life is more valued than the job and/or the financial gathering, that you are inflexible and ungrateful and that you perform not truly care about the job. Is that aerobics workout truly more valued than remnant of your career?
In augmentation to being flexible, you ought in addition be spirited, courteous and courteous to every one you chat to through this method, and I intend everybody! I have often turned away candidates basically because they were short or just basic vulgar to my administrative accomplice or recruiter.
The first interview
In my view, none is as valued as the first appearance of the interview. There are more means to spoil an interview, but I put forward that you chase these minimal steps to avert a speedy rejection:
  • Arrive on time! This looks like apparent adequate, and yet is the No. 1 justification I will turn away a candidate. My suggestions is to arrange ahead and recognise where you are going a least one day beforehand. Know what the traffic and parking is like, how long it will take to get through security, up the lifting devices, etc. Leave no boulder unturned and be organised for the worst.
  • Call ahead! If you look frontwards to to be late, a least have the certified courtesy to call ahead to recognize clear fault and let the interviewers know. My lead of thumb: five minutes late with no discern equates to a missed interview. Being courteous of others' time is a not hard subject of appropriate enterprise etiquette.
  • Prepare and rehearse! Know what the location is, what the leasing director is looking for, who you will be questioning with, etc. If you can foretell the varieties of queries you will get and rehearse your replies, you will have a many advantage. Again, there are some many line of work sites that climax the normal queries that you can look frontwards to, which often include:
    • Describe your strengths.
    • Describe your faults (often the hardest to chat about).
    • Talk about a time when you went atop and past to succeed.
    • Talk about a time when you failed. What did you learn?
    • Why did you/are you moving out your prevailing job?
  • Do not bash! Avoid taking any bid to bash your prevailing or earlier financial gathering, person in accuse or co-workers. Bashing other people propels a communication that you might be a malcontent in other jobs. Dale Carnegie one time said, "Any fool can judge unfavorably, criticize, and bemoan -- and most fools do." Please, don't be a fool!
  • Research the company! Know what the financial gathering does and be geared up to request good queries -- queries that not able to be replied by knowledge eagerly obtainable on the financial gathering Web site. Instead, purpose your queries on the financial gathering culture. Believe it or not, about 50% of the applicants I have questioned had no thought what my financial gathering did. Not recognising the financial gathering presentations over self-confidence and arrogance and is definite to get you conveyed household without farther consideration.
  • Be confident! Never underestimate your abilities. If you perform not recognise the reply to a thing, accommodate it. Focus alternatively on your skills to find the reply and your eagerness to learn.
  • Don't be arrogant! Yes, you can be overconfident to the purpose of being considered as cocky, inconsiderate, and even rude. A good lead of thumb here is to purpose on the assembly accomplishments as well as the "me" accomplishments.
  • Avoid negotiating too early. Sell your worth before talking about wealth and titles. If you can avert it, not ever consider wealth until you are definite that you have confirmed your value. I often propose collecting dialogues for after an offer is made.
10 assertions to avoid
Just for pleasure, here is a table of the apex 10 things I have discovered freshly in discussions that will definitely get you extracted from consideration. These are real quotations by real candidates:
  1. "I can't start for another five weeks as I have a get-away planned."
  2. "I don't truly want the job, I am just observing if there is a thing better out there."
  3. "Can we bind it up? I have to move out for another interview."
  4. "I can't make a handset interview at that time. I have to work out, then I have to devour, clean, watch video and depart to bed."
  5. "You want to make me an offer today, I have numerous other financial gatherings fascinated in me."
  6. "I loathe the population I work with, they are a cluster of [expletive removed] idiots!"
  7. "I shouldn't have to advise you, you should now recognise why I am the best fit for this job."
  8. "I truly don't like to be on call or work off-hours, it obstructs with my 'me' time."
  9. "Can you advise me what your financial gathering does?"
  10. "I took a class on SQL adjusting, but it was way over my head!"
The follow-up
The follow-up can make or smash the every part of deal and yet is often the most ignored constituent of the interview process. Let's view at a normal scenario. I interview three candidates that are all very strong. As I weigh the picks of who to lease, I get a actual good give thanks you message in the posted item from nominated applicant A. Candidate A thanks me for my time, declares she savoured chatting to me, reiterates the things we chatted about, advises me why she is a good fit for the location, and delineates the worth she is self-assured she will add for my company. I get a not hard canned "thank you for your time" message from nominated applicant B and I learn none from nominated applicant C. Who perform you consider I will hire? Who would you hire?
In synopsis, if you like to land that next vision job, you ought re-evaluate and recognise the minimal beliefs on how to interview. You ought in addition consider to be systematic, courteous, self-assured, courteous and certified right through the every part of process.
Employers like applicants to be spirited about toiling for them. The least thing you could perform is to take for given that you are in demand or that you are a exact fit, that all you have to perform is issued your recommence and celebrity will find you. Sure, you may get a job like that, but risks are that it will not be a good one. There are abundance of good trades out there, but the best ones have to be worked for and not taken for granted. Follow the minimal beliefs summarised here and don't omit the exact possibility that you truly want.

Oracle DBA 102: Beyond the basics (Conclusion)

Dealing with management
If you are fortunate adequate to have a person in accuse or director that truly appreciates what you perform, then analyze yourself blessed. However, most DBAs will bemoan that they are not comprehended, that they sense undervalued and even unappreciated.
"Technology is led by two sorts of people: those who supervise what they perform not appreciate, and those who appreciate what they perform not manage." -- Mike Trout
Having a tough database setting myself and having supervised dozens of DBAs for over 15 years now, I can authoritatively declare this -- if you sense your director does not appreciate you, risks are you want view no farther than a looking glass to position blame. In other remarks, if your director does not appreciate you or the value of your job, then you (and only you) want to change this. When was the last time you truly conveyed with your boss? Do you give once a week or even once a day position reports? Do you clarify arduous time spans in without difficulty understandable terminology? Do you give visual shows and graphs presenting how the databases are performing? Can you chat intelligently about the fiscal or enterprise consequence of downtime or poor performance?
My not hard suggestions is to leave whining about your person in accuse not appreciating you and start taking liability to change your situation. Here are some tips that should help.
  1. Communicate in enterprise time spans In rank to be winning with organisation as a DBA you ought be competent to clarify arduous fundamental thoughts in time spans that most organisation will understand. Namely, you ought be competent to chat about practical time spans in enterprise terms. All managers and managers are afraid with allocations and the bottom-line financials of the organization. The higher up the company ladder you depart, the more likelihood you will find that the financial gathering financials will right away consequence an executive's private financials. Talk about banging them where it hurts! You can take superiority of this item by basically conveying your practical achievements or disagreements in fiscal terms. The subsequent table listings some instances of normal position assertions with the matching assertion amended for higher management:

    Typical DBA assertion (technical) Revised DBA assertion (business)
    By advancing the database buffers, I have reduced the bodily circular plate reads by 15% and diminished read times by 10%. Through my considerable adjusting efforts, I have been competent to productively enhance recital, advance buyer contentment by 25%, and avert the want to add hardware, hence collecting the financial gathering a least $22K!
    I have tuned and investigated the calamity recovery process. Through my backup and recovery adjusting efforts, I have diminished the midpoint time to recovery from six hours to two hours, hence collecting a capability four hours of downtime and the lost profits of $50K!
    We ought redevelopment the database or the vendor will no longer support us. Without support, we run the risk of taking an unforeseen and broadened outage should we run into a recently divulged bug. A 48+ hour outage could cost the enterprise over $400K in lost or unrealized profits and source irreversible severe impairment to our reputation!
  2. Know and study the enterprise In rank to give worth assertions or enterprise instances like those atop, you ought truly appreciate the enterprise and the fiscal consequences of the services you provide. Just as you look frontwards to and like your director to appreciate the technical knowledge that worries you, so in revisit your director desires and looks frontwards to you to appreciate the business. By presenting an onvolvement in the enterprise and the foundation line, your will promptly gain the regard of your manager. Speak in time spans that are valued to managers and managers will promptly acknowledge the worth you are augmenting for the organization.

  3. Provide written knowledge to back up your assertions Most managers have a "show me" stance when it draws close to practical or fiscal claims. This is not because they are from Missouri, but rather because it is their job to be skeptical and inquisitive. In rank to present organisation the gain of what you have wrapped up or what you are performing, you ought be competent to present them the state of actions before your efforts. It isn't adequate to allegation that you collected the financial gathering thousands of dollars, that you averted downtime, or even enhanced complete procedure accessibility, you ought be competent to confirm it. While documentation and assessment written knowledge is valued, recognise that most managers will only appreciate photos, so visual shows and graphs are the best way to present your conclusions.

  4. Hone your demonstration talents Once you have your written knowledge, appreciate the enterprise consequence and can confirm fiscal gains, it is time to present your enterprise case to management. Do not take this task lightly! Being competent to cosily present in front of looks and principally in front of managers is a needed talent that all in IT should possess. If you find that you are sore submitting, my best suggestions is to organise, rehearse and rehearse in advance. I in addition toughly nurture you to take a course for instance Dale Carnegie or unite a group for instance ToastMasters as these are invaluable means to subdue the dread of presenting.
A item has been typed in the DBA blogs freshly about how DBAs sense unappreciated and misunderstood. It looks like that more DBAs are plunging into the rut of line of work deplore and/or plunging into a self-pity mode. Don't let yourself become that regretful and unpleasant savour DBA! Bitter DBAs are likely to distribute their unpleasant sampling amid other people and promptly become the "virus" of the IT organization. Rather than turning into a virus, stay optimistic and purpose alternatively on enhancing your prevailing situation. Sharpen your practical and pliable talents, extend your learning into new environs and study how to deal with management. Embrace change alternatively of defying it. If you chase the guidelines submitted here and take liability for your own future, you will before long reap the compensates and become the invaluable and valued person employed that most of us like to be.
With that said, I will move out you to consider with this one terminal thought:
"We not able to become what we want to be, outstanding what we are." -- Max Depree