Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Integration Blogger to Google

When you edit your Blogger profile, Blogger presentations a communication at the apex of the piece of paper that says: "Connect Blogger to Google+: Use your Google profile and get entry to to approaching Google+ aspects on Blogger". Unfortunately, the bonds look like to be broken, but both URLs source profile switching.

It's apparent that Blogger profiles will be suspended and returned by Google Profiles, but it's not clear how Blogger will mix with Google+. Maybe Blogger sends will self-acting cause Google+ sends and Blogger/Google+ observations will be synchronized. Friend Connect will be suspended and Google+ could return it. Friend Connect's goal was to "help place holders without difficulty give public aspects for their visitors. Users gain the skills to indication in to, make acquaintances on, and merge with your place, establishing it more public and more dynamic". It wasn't winning, but Google+ has a better likelihood to make Blogger more social.

Update: Blogger's blog tells that this pick is obtainable if you use Blogger in Draft and it will be liberated in the standard Blogger interface in the drawing close weeks. For now, the only modifications are that the Blogger profile redirects to the Google profile, the author's label is now received from Google Profiles and Google's snippets for the blog sends embrace information about authors: label, thumbnail and bond to the profile. "If you blog under a pseudonym and perform not like your blog to be linked with your actual label, you should not migrate from a Blogger profile to a Google+ profile," suggests Google. If you change your psyche after changing to the Google+ profile, you can revert to the Blogger profile.

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