Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Getting your app discovered in the Chrome Web Store with new promotional assets.

In August  they made a tiny change in Chrome Web Store’s app upload flow: when you upload new apps and expansions to the Chrome Web Store, or edit one of your surviving details, you'll be encouraged to give them with new promotional photograph assets. We are requesting you for these assets so that we can climax your apps and expansions in a brand label new warehouse layout that there assembly is toiling on.

What's new:
  • (Required) You’ll want to give them with a large rectangular photograph to acknowledge your app, in augmentation to assets you now give - your app icon and a least one screenshot.
  • (Optional) You can give them with an even greater rectangular photograph format as well.

What's divergent
  • The screenshot size have propagated greater with a larger characteristic ratio.
  • The (optional) marquee photograph size have in addition propagated larger.

What's the matching
  • The specification and size for the icon file

To make things less difficult, they only demand screenshots in the new size going frontwards -- they'll self-acting scale them as wanted to make them noticeable in the prevailing warehouse layout. You can read the particulars about the new prerequisites on our image guidelines page. If you have any queries on these modifications, sense free to arrive at them at there discussion group.

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