Friday, 21 October 2011

Five goals for implementing Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) can give an governing body a deep analytical scenery into how a enterprise is playing, as showed by Sameer Agrawal, BI rehearse chief at San Jose, Calif.-based IT services firm Jade Global.

 Agrawal freshly registered five environs administration should purpose on when realizing OBIA.
The right Oracle Business Intelligence Applications implementation approach
Two greatest elements Agrawal strained when realizing OBIA is ascertaining what written knowledge warehouse you like to use and establishing definite your accounting procedure is in line with your applications.
Agrawal said that if you now have a entirely operational written knowledge warehouse, “don’t a go to double it in OBIA.”
“I would propose in this scenario that you install the [Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition] accounting layer,” he said. “You truly not able to return and perform better than what you now have in a three- to six-month implementation window.”
On the accounting boundary, Agrawal said he sees circumstances in which a company’s E-Business Suite venture is growing through a lifecycle, and create modifications are often necessary. Companies ought be mindful of those create modifications and assure the Oracle enterprise intelligence accounting stays in line with them.

Realize the full capability of OBIA
Agrawal proposes in resistance to employing OBIA for written knowledge extracts. He in addition said that users often like to trade overseas written knowledge to Excel, but it’s valued to assure that the massaging of the written knowledge is wrapped up in the OBIA plan and not in Excel after a written knowledge export.
Getting divergent sections to play by the matching BI statutes is in addition key to optimizing OBIA.
“The key is to train (users) on how the written knowledge type empowers them,” he said.

Use the right supplies so the OBIA implementation works
Agrawal said an OBIA putting in venture should embrace three conventional venture resources: subject subject skilled population, enterprise analysts and talented practical resources.
But he in addition put forward three supplemental resources: direct or superusers, a liaison between the transaction assembly and the method holders, and a person who appreciates the end-to-end BI picture.
“What I’ve observed in more implementations is they have a DBA [database administrator] that appreciates the database consideration and an (E-Business Suite) enterprise analyst, but you hardly ever find a person who appreciates the very large BI picture.”

Handling change organisation and training
First off, getting manager buy-in gives the brawn behind the implementation, because then people employed recognise the venture has supporting from higher-ups.
It is in addition valued that people employed understand how the OBIA implementation modifications BI reporting. No longer should they be looking another placement for the written knowledge they need.
“This is an information-on-demand model,” Agrawal said. “The customer is empowered to view at the written knowledge every time they want it. They should not be requesting a person other when they’re going to get a report.”
To that end, coaching ought embrace assemblies on how to use OBIA to get wanted data. Employees ought have adequate rehearse with the implement to appreciate that they can hope the data. Conducting hands-on workshops with end users and one-on-one assemblies with organisation is in addition key to getting buy-in.
Agrawal in addition put forward bringing ahead self-service coaching implements -- for instance, a cluster of short video clips on the financial gathering intranet place that people employed can use to study about the BI applications.

Post-production support
Finally, it is valued that implementation not end with installation. The financial gathering wants a responsive support personnel that can purpose users to coaching elements and mend programs bugs, which are inevitable. Occasional customer coaching workshops are in addition a good thought to refresh surviving employees’ recollections on the BI request for paid job aspects and lecture new people employed the ropes.
“The first OBIA implementation is the start of a journey,” Agrawal said. “It is not the terminal destination.”

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