Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Information Sercurity

Hackers. Viruses. Botnets. Threats continue to plague computer systems around the world. FireEye Inc. of Milpitas, Calif., is this year's Information-Security winner for an advanced malware-protection system that guards against the latest in cyberattacks.
FireEye's Malware Protection System takes a two-step approach to counter these

Leaked About Google's Native Maps For iOS 6

Developer Ben Guild in San Francisco has posted what he claims are (very blurry) screenshots of the alpha version of the forthcoming Google‘s native Maps For iOS 6 app. Beyond his location (near Google) and the timing (we expect Google is working on this now) there is no independent corroboration of his information.

Caveats in place, what he suggests about the new app makes sense:

Mac Pro Book - Apple Relase Date 23rd Oct.

New Delhi: For Apple Fans, this is certainly going to be a double bonanza. If reports are to be believed Apple plans to launch the 13-inch MacBook Pro codenamed D1, with Retina Display at its event stipulated for October 23. 

The 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Retina Display is touted to be thinner and lighter than its predecessor—15-inch MacBook Pro.

Gadget SIze, Does It Matter ?

Apple just made its iPhone taller and slimmer, but soon it's expected to introduce a smaller iPad.
Meanwhile, Samsung announced a mini-version of its Galaxy S III phone, while Amazon has a bigger Kindle Fire tablet coming out next month.
The lucrative market for mobile devices is making tech companies try on all sizes. But are these seemingly endless variations just marketing ploys?
Analysts say this is one case where size does matter, and that a company like Apple is well aware that a device's proper dimensions depend on how people use the device.
"I have to believe they're really responding to consumer demand," Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies Inc. of Campbell, said of the much-rumored release of what pundits are calling the iPad mini.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Apple Maps uproar, plan to buy iPhone 5 in record numbers

The brouhaha over Apple replacing Google Maps in iOS 6 with its own mapping and navigation technology has not changed customers' minds about the iPhone 5, according to a ChangeWave Research survey. ChangeWave, which polled more than 4,200 consumers in the U.S. and Canada, reported last week that only 10% of those with an iOS 6-powered iPhone said they had experienced a problem with Apple Maps, with the largest chunk of those -- 6% -- acknowledging the issue was "not much of a problem."

Monday, 16 July 2012

Facebook Not Be Blocked In Offices !

It’s an endless debate which gets more complicated with every new site or lawsuit – where do you draw the line on social media use on work computers?
Many studies show companies are still reluctant to allow employees on social media, with more than half blocking these sites completely. It’s true that social media can be distracting – not to mention potentially damaging to reputations. An ill-worded or thoughtless post can damage not only an individual’s reputation but also the company’s. So is it a case of better safe than sorry?
Some studies say no, and here’s why:

Friday, 6 July 2012

Andoid Slap Apple's Siri Again ! Gooogle Say It

After Apple bought Siri a few years ago, many assumed it was the company's first step in a battle against Google's search business. It was a good assumption.
But at All Things D's D8 conference in 2010, Steve Jobs tried to put that speculation to rest by saying Apple had slightly different plans for Siri.
"[It's] not a search company. They're an AI company. We have no plans to go into the search business. We don't care about it. Other people do it well," Jobs told Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg.
Jobs was mostly right. Siri launched on the iPhone 4S in October as more of an intelligent virtual assistant than a searching tool. Siri is designed to set reminders, send text messages, make appointments, etc. Search is kind of part of Siri, but it relies heavily on Wolfram Alpha, a "knowledge engine" that usually does a great job at answering oddball questions like "What's the GDP of Greece?" but not so great at pulling up queries normal humans need.

Friday, 18 May 2012

What is Google's Knowledge Graph ?

Google has unveiled the Knowledge Graph, which they’re calling the “first step in the next generation of search.” The initial release is gradually rolling out to U.S. English users and consists of three elements:
  • Links to different sets of results based on contextual meanings for any given search term
  • Topic summaries with key facts visible in the sidebar of the SERPs
  • “Information boxes” that offer additional information in the SERPs sidebar based on popular related queries.
Google simultaneously announced in a separate blog post that Knowledge Graph for mobiles and tablets is in the works, with Android 2.2+ and iOS4+ versions rolling out right now.

Segmented Results “Slices”

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

How To - Get DVD / CD Icon Back [FIX]

So you want to burn or play a DVD/CD and you found DVD drive icon to be missing in “Computer” window of laptop? We will guide you through the basic steps to troubleshoot the DVD icon missing issue in your laptop.
  1. Click on start. Type “Device Manager” in start search and hit “Enter”.
  2. In device manager, expand “Dvd/Cd Rom Drives”, right click on DVD drive listed there and click on “Uninstall”.
  3. Now restart your laptop and check if the DVD/CD drive icon is back or not. If its back then insert a disc and it will function properly. If icon is still missing, go to step 4.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

How To - Upgrade Android 2.2.2 To GingerBread 2.3.6 [Samsung B7510 Glaxy Pro]

Finally after waiting for about 8 months for Gingerbread upgrade we have finally been successful in upgrading Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 to Gingerbread. We have successfully tested in my handset  and it is working fine. it don’t have custom roms yet for this Galaxy Pro but this upgrade is worth doing.
Steps before Upgrading:
  1. Take backup of Contacts. Go to Contacts > Press Menu button > Click on More > Import/Export > Export to SD card > Confirm by pressing Yes.
  2. Take backup of your messages. For this you need an app. I personally use SMS backup & Restore Pro by Ritesh Sahu, you can get it for free