Friday, 14 February 2014

How to Upgrade VNX 5300 Block OE

Although your VNX system is customer installable, EMC recommends that the installation be
Performed by someone who has a general background in information technology. While prior
Training is not required; customers who successfully installed this product were trained as either:
EMC Proven Professionals
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists
Cisco Certified Network Associates

CompTIA A+ certified technicians

For Initialization Steps Click here for Step by Step Intialization of VNX 5300

First of all start USM by entering IP address on your browser and in "System" Tab select software upgrade from box at right side, before clicking that you must have USM( Unisphere Service Manager) Should be installed after clicking software upgrade USM will open automatically and in Software tab you will something like I have pasted below:
In Order Upgrade Vnx Block version as i have mentioned the current version of my VNX is and I have downloaded the latest version which is, (you can find that in EMC website Downloads, Just follow the Screen shots I have mentioned below, you will update your block version easily so lets start,

 By clicking Install Software you will see the next window and VNX Block Operating System, will browse the pbu file for latest Operating System

 after selecting it will unpack the package itself (if the package is corrupted or if there any problem in it will prompt you here as my package is OK so I have no prompt here :)
 it will start transferring the package in to it self

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