Tuesday, 4 February 2014

How To Check the Hardware Info Linux Vs Solaris

Mostly people think Linux and Solaris are same languages while similar in many respect there are still quite few differences between and Linux and Solaris Machine including commands, file system and heritage. This differences can be as simple as renamed configuration file to the more complicated alternate meaning of command line Ethernet.Mostly people face problem in getting hardware information in Solaris, in linux there is only a
prtdiag -v command 

 show alot of information but linux we have to work alot to get all of the info even you can not get all the info with one command there is a set of command to find hardware information in Linux. which are as below:

Show kernel version and system architecture

uname -a

Show name and version of distribution

head -n1 /etc/issue

Show all partitions registered on the system

cat /proc/partitions

Show RAM total seen by the system
grep MemTotal /proc/meminfo or free -m

Show CPU(s) info
grep "model name" /proc/cpuinfo or cat /proc/cpuinfo

Show PCI Connected Devices


·         Get the source information from the DMI (a kind of BIOS interface)
·         List all hardware as reported by the DMI interface

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