Monday, 26 December 2011

RSC Reseting Pasword For V480, V880, V490, and V890 Sun Machines

If you forgot the RSC password for V480, V880, V490, and V890 or other old legacy Sun machines, here are the procedure to reset the password. Requirement: SUNWrsc package
If you dont hv the package, please download the latest package from My Oracle Support:
  1. login to
  2. click on "Patches & Updates" in the top menu
  3. in the search window (located on the right) click "Product or Family (Advanced)"
  4. in the updated search window type "Sun Remote" in the "Product" box, then select "Sun Remote System Control"
  5. Click the "Release" box (which says "Select up to 10", in that box click "Sun Remote System Control" and then select the version "Sun Remote System Control 2.2.3".
  6. In the new window you can now download RSC 2.2.3 (called by marking it and clicking "download".
[reset RSC password:
Login with root privilege, install the package, then run rscadm command.
Prefix >> #/usr/platform/<platform>/rsc/rscadm userpassword <username>
[example for v890:
# /usr/platform/SUNW,Sun-Fire-V890/rsc/rscadm userpassword admin
Re-enter Password:
You can also reset the whole configuration by running "rsc-config" command.