Monday, 19 December 2011

Android Beat Iphone In Number Of Facebook Active Users

It’s an interesting milestone for both Facebook and Google, and one that possibly has regularly been on the cards, but Facebook’s Android app now has more active daily users than the same app on iOS does. The news is organised slightly more interesting after you remember that the Android publication of the Facebook app was simply organised available in September of 2009 – more than 12 months later its iPhone-based cousin was organised available.

Timline Android
The statistic comes later the AppData tracking service set free knowledge demonstrating that the Android Facebook app had 58.3 million daily active users at the terminal be reliant, equated to the iOS app which had 54.7 million. In all righteousness, neither diagram is one to be sniffed at!
While Facebook’s monthly diagrams immobile skew towards iOS, it is worth noting that the daily usage diagrams demonstrate that more Android owners are beating the Facebook app on a daily basis, meaning the Android Facebook app is more ‘sticky,’ or in other words, Android owners are more heavy Facebook users than iOS users.
It is a safe bet that now the Android app has overtaken the iPhone one, the distance will reach to grow. Android’s activation diagrams are now at a gigantic rate, with through half a million tools being rallied a day. With the Facebook app locating its way onto so many tools it is hard to suppose how iOS can save up. That said, iOS is reliant will obviously include the iPod touch and iPad, couple markets – capsules and bodily media tools – that Google’s Android has yet strived to truly receive a foothold in.
The sighting that Android is now proving to be the first mobile platform for Facebook users could well suppose the social network start to offer the platform more expansion time, possibly withdrawing the iOS app to languish somewhat. Facebook’s recent update to bring their novel Timeline to iOS demonstrates that such a circumstances has not arisen just yet