Friday, 16 December 2011

Facebook Time Line is Live Now For Android and Desktop Users

Facebook TIme line is now live for Desktop and Android Users 
FaceBook Timelines Steps: (Desktop Users)
open the link FaceBook TimeLine Or you can find facebook developers from search bar in your profile.
After the highlighted link open you have to clicp APP on the top centre and give the permission as facebook ask for some application. then it will lead you the below page.


Click Create New App

Give Display Name and application name Application name may get failed if someone has use it before so you have to chose a unique application name here and then press continue

You will see captcha image here you have to write both captcha with space in between.

Write both captcha and press submit .
You will redirected to new page as showing above you dont have to do any thing here jst scroll down
after scrolling down you will see the button save changes press it .
Then see on left panel you will see open graph there press it . it will open sub menu and the page you can see above. there is a tricky part you have to complete the sentence as i did Read a book. and press get started.

This new page open you just have to scroll it down you see the button as you can see in the next screen.

Yes here is the button click it .

Once again scroll it down and click the blue color button its all over you have done with timelines :)

now open your facebook you see timeline on the above click it and you will facebook new look on the left side there are timelines and the big picture is profile cover you can add or edit by mouse over on it :)
These were the step to get the timeline 
Hope it will help you .

 FaceBook Timelines Steps: (Android Users)

Coming off the release of Timeline worldwide this morning, Facebook has also announced Timeline’s launch on both the mobile web (at and the Android Facebook app, downloadable from the Android Market here. This ties in to Facebook’s strategy to permeate not just the desktop environment, but also the ever-expanding mobile market with their new user interface for profiles, which was originally announced this early fall in September.

Facebook describes Timeline as a “Mobile timeline (that) starts with your unique cover photo. As you scroll down, you’ll see your posts, photos and life events as they happened, back to the day you were born. Photo albums and other posts are horizontally swipeable, so you can quickly view multiple photos or posts inline without leaving timeline. You can also swipe through the views at the top of your timeline to navigate to your map, photos, subscribers and more.”
Also, user posts now appear in several different ways on your mobile timeline. Photos shared are depicted in a more scaled way, and a new map is introduced, that shows which friends you’re with and geographical places that you visit. To learn more about timeline, visit Facebook’s About Timeline page linked here.
Here is the direct Download Link For Facebook TimeLine For Androids

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