Monday, 28 November 2011

Using Oracle SQL Developer with MS SQL

Connecting to MS SQL

Not all the database requests for paid job we support are going to be Oracle-based, and the most admired of the choices is Sybase's enquiring kin MS-SQL. Fortunately there's no want to find another request for paid job for your MS-SQL cases, you can still use SQL Developer, and here's how.

Step 1. Get the JDBC Driver for MS SQL

If you don't now have one, download a JDBC operator for MS-SQL. I use the jTDS driver, which is open-source Java. It doesn't subject where you position it, but consider where.

Step 2. Load the JDBC driver

As described in Oracle's tutorial, under Preferences, scroll down to Database and Third Party JDBC Drivers. Once you consignment the jtds-1.2 jar record you should observe both SQL Server and it's aging uncle Sybase adjoined to your table of picks when bringing ahead a new database binding (You get Oracle and Access by default).

Step 3. Set up your new database connection

Now you can bring ahead a new MS SQL database binding the matching you would an Oracle connection. The only divergence is that you want to pick the SQLServer tab alternatively of Oracle. If you don't observe that tab, then a thing went erroneous - either you got the erroneous jar record or it didn't consignment correctly.
If you're brand label new to Oracle SQL Developer, Anders Andreasen has an instance with a small number surplus screenshots.

Use the Test button to assure you can bind, and if you can't the wrongdoing communication must to be descriptive adequate to give you a commencing purpose to troubleshoot.


Needless to declare, technologies as very included as these will sometimes present you with unforeseen difficulties.

For case, you may find that you want to exact reproduce the ntlmauth.dll record from the SSO list of directions to SQL Developer's jdk/jre/bin directory.

Or, you may want to review the Configuration Manager on your SQL Server database to assure you have TCP/IP making acquaintance empowered, and over default seaport 1433.