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Problem In LogFile DestinatioProblem In LogFile Reachability Oracle Databasen Oracle Database

If you stipulate REOPEN for an OPTIONAL location stayed at, it is probable for the Oracle database to reuse online redo log records even if there is an wrongdoing archiving to the location stayed at in question. If you stipulate REOPEN for a MANDATORY location stayed at, log transport services stall the main database when redo written knowledge not able to be productively transmitted.
The REOPEN assign is demanded when you use the MAX_FAILURE attribute

Setting a Retry Time and Limit


Use the ALTERNATE ascribe of the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n argument to identify alternate archive destinations. An alternate archiving place travelled to can be utilised when the transmission of redo facts and numbers to a standby database fails. If transmission falls short and the NOREOPEN ascribe was particular or the MAX_FAILURE ascribe threshold was passed, log transport services endeavours to convey redo facts and numbers to the alternate place travelled to on the next archival operation.

Use the NOALTERNATE ascribe to avert the initial archive place travelled to from mechanically altering to an alternate archive place travelled to when the initial archive place travelled to fails.

Next Example shows how to set the initialization parameters in order that a solitary, mandatory, restricted location stayed at will self-acting bungle over to a divergent location stayed at if any wrongdoing occurs.

Specifying an Alternate Destination


If the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1 location stayed at bungles, the archiving method will self-acting change to the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_2 location stayed at at the next log record change on the main database. 

Next I will write about Handling Logical Standby Database Failure Problem.


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