Tuesday, 15 April 2014

LinkedIn Disaster

Hello every one as you guys know linked is one of the best professional networks in the world now days, and helping everyone to extend their professional network although every professional person is using LinkedIn frequently for new opportunities for their professional, career and financial growth. The reason for being huge usage of LinkedIn is the giant companies also using it for sharing there technologies update and so many things and everyone like it.

But there is one thing missing which makes linkedIn a disaster for me the word "Recent Activity" every one knows what stands for recent activity option it helps you to find your recent updates and although it help your friend in your circle/network to know your recent updates if they missed that update from the linkedIn news Stream(News Feeds)

Everyone's Request for LinkedIn:

LinkedIn: please restore my ability to actually SHARE the things I post by having them show up on my LinkedIn Profile page.

You can only check your updates, but they vanish as time proceeds. My HR colleague shared a job and I thought "Oh yes I will share it too", but I was busy with some one else at the moment, and when I came back, the update was already gone and I had to scroll down for 10 minutes to see her update again, instead of just going to her profile and share it from there immediately. How does LinkedIn is going to put profiles more in the spotlight, when this function is not available? Why don't they listen to their users?  

The Function is still exist in Mobile Devices I have checked in Iphone and Windows phone linkedIn Apps where you can see "Recent Activity" Button in your friends profile and I just figured out that the LinkedIn app for iPad does have this feature. When you click on a person's name, the first option is "Recent Activity". Clicking "See More" shows the last 6 updates. I have tried on other devices like windows phone and Iphones. 

So either LinkedIn wants to give us a different PC vs. Mobile experience, or hopefully we should expect similar functionality on the website soon.