Monday, 7 April 2014

How to Check Iphone, Android or Windows Devices Factory Unlock Status

There are so many reason of checking the factory unlock status of your phone whether your device is unlocked,  it might just be that because you are curious to know about your phone or your might want to sell that's why you need to know the status so you could accurately notify the prospective buyer, and also we know that unlocked devices are more valuable and if every one has the unlocked smart phone this world would be so better in the way.
lets come to the point of the blog which is how anyone can know about the status of your their smart devices.

Step 1
you need an IMEI number of your phone a 16 digit unique code about your phone which will help you to track your mobile down. You can find IMEI number of your devices by dialing *#06#

Step 2 
Internet access, I can bet you have internet as your are reading this writeup write now so proceed to step 3

IMEI Status click this link you will be redirected to the website where you have to put that 16 digit unique code.

Just type your IMEI number and press the Check Button.
and you will have full information about your phone you can login via facebook or google to get detailed information.