Monday, 16 June 2014

Oracle Forms 10g Vs Windows 7

Due to the late certification of Oracle Developer Suite 10g with Windows 7 32-bit environments, there is a known issue where opening some forms in 10g Forms Builder will crash the program making it unusable. The base installer for Oracle Developer Suite 10g is currently version The Developer Suite will need to be patched to version in order to be certified with Windows 7 32-bit. The following will need to be done to fix the problem:
  1. Reinstall Oracle Developer Suite using patch 10396165 (see detailed steps below)
  2. Install patch 5983622 on top of the newly-installed installation
  3. Apply Oracle patch 7047034 (OPatch) to the Oracle Home

  1. Backup any modules, env files, formsweb.cfg, tnsnames.ora, sqlnet.ora in your current Oracle Home
  2. Deinstall Oracle Developer Suite 10g
  3. Download and extract patch 10396165 from My Oracle Support
  4. In a cmd window (run as an administrator), navigate to the directory where the patch was extracted. Run the following: “setup.exe -ignoreSysPrereqs”
  5. Follow the instructions until you get to “Specify File Locations”. When you get here, change the Source Path to the Disk1\stage\products.xml file located in the original Developer Suite 10g installer files. For Destination, specify either a new Oracle Home or the original (make sure the original is completely empty).
  6. Click Next and continue with the remaining installation like normal
  1. Download and extract patch 5983622 from My Oracle Support
  2. Navigate to the extracted patch directory using the same cmd window and run “setup.exe -ignoreSysPrereqs”
  3. Follow the steps to upgrade Developer Suite 10g. Make sure to apply it to the same Oracle Home.
  1. Download and extract patch 7047034 from My Oracle Support
  2. Make sure that OC4J is not running
  3. Open up cmd as an administrator
  4. In cmd, set ORACLE_HOME to the path to your Oracle Home for Forms 10g
  5. Run the following: set PATH=%ORACLE_HOME%\OPatch;%PATH%
  6. Navigate to the folder “7047034″ in the extracted zip file directory.
  7. Run the following: opatch apply
  8. It should complete with no errors
Start OC4J and you should be able to open forms in Forms Builder 10g without any crashing.
NOTE: This will NOT work in Windows 7 64-bit as Developer Suite 10g is not supported in Windows 7 64-bit.

References: See Oracle Support notes 1292919.1 and 727410.1 for more information

Courtesy: Knowledge Base