Monday, 17 March 2014

How to Update File OE of VNX 5700 - VNX Series Operating Environment

The system comes pre-installed with the latest version of VNX OE software available at the
time of shipment.
In addition to upgrading the VNX OE software, the USM wizards can be used for installing
other software, such as language packs, software enablers, and disk firmware. For these
tasks, EMC provides the ability to create instructions tailored to your environment. Go to
the Update VNX software link on to create these customized

To upgrade the operating environment on a system, you need:

=> A Windows host or Windows virtual machine that is:
• Running a supported operating system version. For supported versions, refer to the
product release notes.

For File OE software upgrades, download both the pkg_xxxx_emcnas.tar and
xxxx_emcnas_DVD.iso packages, where xxxx is the version of the File OE. EMC requires
that you download the File OE software (the .tar and .iso) to the following location:

date = the date in the format of year-month-day (2011-01-02)
xxxx = the version of the File software bundle

Note: The name of the download directory must match the version of the release that you are
downloading. For example, if you downloaded pkg_7.0.51.3_emcnas.tar and packages or,
then the download directory must be named

Once the Prepare for Installation wizard has be completed, select Software > System
Software > Install Software to proceed with the install.all the Steps are attached here.

 Now you can see the File OE has been Updated, In order to work with VNX, Update Block OE as soon as possible or you can find Block update of VNX 5700 on my website.

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