Friday, 31 January 2014

Test Cases - Oracle RAC and Dataguard

As a tech guy no one like to write document for client or any one they just love to do work. same thing happened with when I need test cases for Oracle 12c RAC with Dataguard and Broker. I searched alot but didn't find the thing I want so, I have write those test cases for you guys to help you. Test Case is the criteria to check the configuration and with coming result. 

Test Cases 1 for Oracle Data Guard High Availability(HA)

      1-      Objectives:
Purpose of Data Guard test is to verify high availability and active-active configuration of the both standby and primary databases.

2-      Test Diagram:

3-      Procedure:
Create few test tables with some data in primary and see if they are applied in your DR site by Data Guard.

4-      Expected Result:
Newly created tables with data should be available on DR site.

   5-   Acceptance Criteria:
Newly inserted data should be available on Standby Database in read only mode.