Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Information Sercurity

Hackers. Viruses. Botnets. Threats continue to plague computer systems around the world. FireEye Inc. of Milpitas, Calif., is this year's Information-Security winner for an advanced malware-protection system that guards against the latest in cyberattacks.
FireEye's Malware Protection System takes a two-step approach to counter these

 threats: First it identifies anomalies in email attachments, shared files or websites, flagging anything that looks suspicious. Suspect programs are tested in a virtual environment to see if they in fact are harmful; if so, the threats are isolated and disabled. The method is effective at blocking attacks without a lot of false positives and at identifying the source of attacks, a feature that has helped authorities take down some botnets, or networks of controlled computers used to distribute spam.
Palo Alto Networks Inc., Santa Clara, Calif.: Anti-malware software that detects and blocks attack by routing threats to a cloud-based virtual environment where they can be trapped and analyzed.
CloudPassage Inc., San Francisco: Software for securing cloud-based servers.

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